Courses Offered at International Leadership University (ILU) in 2023/2024

Here is a list of courses offered at International Leadership University (ILU) that will set you on a fulfilling and meaningful career path.

List of Courses Offered at International Leadership University

Certificate Programs at ILU

  1. Certificate in Counseling
  2. Certificate in Leadership
  3. Certificate in Missions
  4. Certificate in Theology
  5. Certificate in Business Management & Entrepreneurship
  6. Certificate in Children’s Ministry

Diploma Programs at ILU

  • Diploma in Counseling
  • Diploma in Leadership
  • Diploma in Missions
  • Diploma in Theology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education
  • Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Diploma in Children’s Ministry
  • Diploma in Community Development & Relief
  • Diploma in Peace & Conflict Transformation

Bachelor’s Degree Programs at ILU

  1. Bachelor of Theology
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Leadership & Management

Masters Programs at ILU

  1. Master of Divinity
  2. Master of Arts in Biblical & Theological studies
  3. Master of Arts in Counseling Studies
  4. Master of Arts in Leadership Studies

PhD Programs at ILU

  1. PhD in Leadership
  2. PhD in Theological Studies

Location of ILU

  • Located at Mtito Andei Road in Kilimani