Courses Offered at Kaiboi Technical Training Institute in 2023/2024

Here is a list of courses offered at Kaiboi Technical Training Institute (Kaiboi TTI) that will set you on a fulfilling and meaningful career path.

Courses Offered at Kaiboi TTI

Course NameDuration
1Certificate in General Agriculture2 Years
2Diploma in Building Construction Technology3 Years
3Diploma in Information Communication Technology3 Years
4Certificate in Building Construction Technology2 Years
5Certificate in Electrical & Electronic Engineering2 Years
6Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Power)3 Years
7Diploma in Land Survey3 Years
8Certificate in Computerised Secretarial Studies2 Years
9Diploma in Cooperative Management3 Years
10Certificate in Automotive Engineering2 Years
11Diploma in Automotive Engineering3 Years
12Diploma in General Agriculture3 Years
13Certificate in Road Construction Technology2 Years
14Certificate in Building and Plumbing Services2 Years
15Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production)3 Years
16Diploma in Supply Chain Management3 Years
17Artisan in General Agricululture1 Year
18Certificate in Land Survey2 Years
19Certificate in Secretarial Studies2 Years
20Certificate in Agricultural Mechanics2 Years
21Diploma in Accountancy3 Years
22Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Production)2 Years
23Diploma in Secretarial Studies3 Years
24Artisan in Electrical Installation1 Year
25Artisan in Welding and Fabrication1 Year
26Craft Certificate in Information Communication Technology2 Years
27Artisan in Building Technology1 Year
28Artisan in Motor Vehicle Mechanics1 Year
29Certificate in Library and Information Science2 Years
30Certificate in Social Work and Community Development2 Years
31Artisan in Plumbing & Building Services1 Year
32Certificate in Supply Chain Management2 Years
33Certificate in Cooperative Management2 Years
34Computer Proficiency Course2 Years
35Diploma in Human Resource Management3 Years
36Diploma in Social Work and Community Development3 Years
37Certificate in Business Management2 Years
38Diploma in Agricultural Engineering3 Years
39Food and Beverage Production and Service Management2 Years
40Certificate in Welding and Fabrication2 Years
41Diploma in Business Management3 Years
42Electrical Installation Level 52 Years
43Certificate in Accounting Management Skills2 Years
44CPA I – Section 22 Years
45Certificate in Human Resource Management2 Years
46International Computer Driving License2 Years
47CPA I – Section 12 Years
48Diploma in Information Technology3 Years
49Artisan in Carpentry & Joinery1 Year
50Accounting Technician Diploma2 Years
51Certificate in Information Communication Technology Technician I2 Years
52Diploma in Computer Studies3 Years
53Artisan in Motor Vehicle Mechanic (Grade III)1 Year
54Certificate in Carpentry & Joinery2 Years
55Artisan in Electrical Wireman1 Year
56Certificate in Information Science2 Years
57Diploma in Library and Information Science3 Years
58Accounting Technician Diploma3 Years
59Sustainable Agriculture3 Years
60Certificate in Electrical Installation2 Years
61Certificate in Welding Fabrication2 Years
62Diploma in Personnel Management (in Service)3 Years
63Certificate in Solar Technology1 Year
64Certificate in Secretarial Studies (Single & Group)2 Years
65Poultry Breeding3 Months
66Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Plant)3 Years
67Diploma in Library and Information Studies3 Years
68Diploma in Cooperative Management- Modular3 Years
69Diploma in Foods and Beverage3 Years
70Certificate in Catering and Accomodation2 Years
71Artisan in Light Vehicle Mechanic III1 Year
72Diploma in Accounting Technician1 Year
73Diploma in Civil Civil Engineering3 Years
74Certificate in Public Accountancy6 Months
Short Courses
1Driving School D1 Month
2Driving School BCE1 Month
3Driving School B1 Month
4Driving School C1 Month
5Certificate in Comp Application Packages (Part Time)1 Year
6Boda Boda Training1 Month
7Driving Skills1 Month
8Electrical Wireman Iii1 Year
9Plumber Pipe Fitter Iii1 Year
10Mason III1 Year

Location of Kaiboi TTI

  • Kaiboi TTI is located in Nandi North, Rift Valley Province, 50Kms from Eldoret Town. It. It is 22 Kms from the Eldoret – Kapsabet main Highway from Mosoriot Town.