Technical and Vocational Colleges in Kenya

What are Technical and Vocational Colleges?

Technical and Vocational Colleges (TVCs) are higher education institutions that offer a wide range of technical and vocational education and training programs. TVCs play a crucial role in providing specialized skills and knowledge to individuals who seek practical training to enter the workforce or advance their careers in various industries.

List of Technical and Vocational Colleges in Kenya

Below is a list of Technical and Vocational Colleges registered and licensed by the TVET Authority in Kenya.

  1. Aberdare Institute of Business Studies and Catering
  2. Aberdare Institute of Management
  3. Aberdares School of Music and Performing Arts
  4. Abi East African Institute of Welding
  5. Academy of Graphic Technology
  6. Acai Institute of Technology
  7. Achievers College of Professionals
  8. Achievers College of Professionals – Njue Plaza
  9. Achievers School of Professional Studies
  10. ACK Bishop Hannington Institute of Theology and Development Studies
  11. ACK Bishop Muge College
  12. ADC AI Centre
  13. Adept College of Professional Studies
  14. Adex School of Business Studies
  15. Administration Police Training College
  16. Advent College of Technology
  17. Africa Digital Media Institute
  18. Africa Institute of Health and Development
  19. Africa Theological Seminary
  20. African Film and Television Talent Training Institute
  21. African Institute of Research and Development Studies
  22. African Institute of Research and Development Studies – Bungoma Campus
  23. African Institute of Research and Development Studies – Eldoret
  24. African Institute of Research and Development Studies – Kericho
  25. African Institute of Research and Development Studies – Lodwar
  26. African Institute of Research and Development Studies – Mombasa
  27. African Institute of Research and Development Studies – Nairobi
  28. African Institute of Research and Development Studies, Kisumu
  29. African Milling School
  30. Africana College of Professionals
  31. Ahmed Shahame Mwidani Technical and Vocational College
  32. AIC – Kima Technical College
  33. AIC – Nairobi Training Centre
  34. AIC Kapsowar Hospital Medical College
  35. AIC Litein Medical Training College
  36. AIC Naivasha Technical Training Institute
  37. Aims College of Business and Technology
  38. Air Travel and Related Studies
  39. Airswiss International College
  40. Al – Irfan Internationalcollege
  41. Al – Munawwarah College
  42. Aldai Technical Training Institute
  43. Alexandria Training Institute
  44. Alfopa College
  45. Alice Italian Food Institute
  46. Alison Training Institute
  47. Alliance Francaise
  48. Almatec Institute of Management Studies
  49. Al-mustaqbal College
  50. Alpha Business College
  51. Amani Counseling and Training Institute
  52. Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology – Thika
  53. Amity Global Institute
  54. Amrec Training Institute
  55. Amref Virtual Training School
  56. Anatolia Language Training Centre
  57. Animal Health and Industry Training Institute (Ahiti) – Kabete
  58. Animal Health and Industry Training Institute (Ahiti) – Nyahururu
  59. Ank Training Institute
  60. Annicks for Kenya Tailoring College
  61. Archdiocese of Nairobi Kariobangi Women Promotion Training Institute
  62. Arwa Saloon and School of Hairdressing
  63. Ashleys Hair and Beauty Academy
  64. Atlas College
  65. Auscare International College
  66. Auscomp College
  67. Azizi Hair and Beauty College
  68. Bahati Institute of Business and Administration Studies
  69. Bandari Maritime Academy
  70. Baraka Agricultural College
  71. Baringo Technical College
  72. Barmisco Hospitality and Commercial Training Institute
  73. Bartek Institute – Eldama Ravine Campus
  74. Bartek Institute – Kabarnet
  75. Beam International Training Centre
  76. Beam International Training Institute
  77. Beauty Point College
  78. Belgut Technical and Vocational College
  79. Belmont International College
  80. Berea Christian College for Integrated Studies
  81. Best Workforce Development Training Institute
  82. Beta Care Training Institute
  83. Bethel Institute of Technology
  84. Bishop Kariuki Institute of Management
  85. Bishop Locati Technical Training Institute – Isiolo
  86. Bishop Okullu College
  87. Blaise Institute of Business Studies
  88. Blessing Institute of Professional Studies
  89. Boltech Training Institute
  90. Boma International Hospitality College
  91. Boma Training Institute
  92. Bomet Central Tvc
  93. Bomet College of Accountancy
  94. Bondo Technical Training Institute
  95. Bonjour Institute
  96. Borabu Technical and Vocational College
  97. Bosansa Vocational Training Centre
  98. Bradegate International College of Poultry Science and Professional Studies
  99. Brainspa Training Institute
  100. Brainsway Business College
  101. Breakthrough International Bible College
  102. Bridge College
  103. Bridgeworld College
  104. Bright Star Institute of Business Studies
  105. Brighter College
  106. Brilliant Beauty College
  107. Brilliant Institute of Professional Studies
  108. Brookwin International College
  109. Bukura Agricultural College
  110. Bumbe Technical Traininginstitute
  111. Bumula Institute of Health and Development
  112. Bungoma Institute of Advanced Technology
  113. Bungoma North Technical and Vocational College
  114. Bunyala Technical and Vocational College
  115. Bureti Technical Training Institute
  116. Burgspitts Professional College
  117. Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts
  118. Buruuj Training Institute
  119. Bushiangala Technical Training Institute
  120. Busia Professional Studies Centre
  121. Butere Tvc
  122. Bywinnie Beauty Training Institute
  123. Cake Emporium College of Confectionery Arts
  124. Camara Educational
  125. Cambridge Universal College
  126. Cambridge Universal College – Kitale Campus
  127. Candor International College
  128. Cap Youth Empowerment Institute – Buruburu Centre
  129. Capacity and Training Institute
  130. Cardinal Maurice Otunga Technical and Vocational College
  131. Career Dreams Centre
  132. Carenic Professional Hairdressing & Beauty College – Nairobi
  133. Carlile College
  134. Cascade Institute
  135. Catherine Mcauleynursing School – Mater Hospital
  136. Catholic Technical Training Institute(Machakos
  137. Celebrity Vocational Training College
  138. Centre for Corporate Governance
  139. Centre for Multiparty Democracy Institute of Leadership and Governance
  140. Centre for Tourism Training and Research
  141. Centre for Training and Development – Kajiado
  142. Centre for Training and Development – Kisii
  143. Century Park College
  144. Cfsk Institute of Information and Communication Technology
  145. Chamasiri Technical and Vocational College
  146. Chania Training Institute
  147. Chanzeywe Technical and Vocational College
  148. Chepalungu Technical Training Institute
  149. Chepsirei Technical and Vocational College
  150. Cherang’any Technical and Vocational College
  151. Chevaywa Technical Training Institute
  152. Christian Industrial Training Centre – Mombasa
  153. Christian Industrial Training Centre – Nairobi
  154. Christian Industrial Training College – Thika
  155. Chuka TTI
  156. Citizen College
  157. Classic Su Hair and Beauty College
  158. Clastars College
  159. Cliff College of Business and Entrepreneurial Studies
  160. Clips School of Hair Dressing and Beauty
  161. Coast Education and Training Institute
  162. Coast Institute of Technology
  163. Coast International College
  164. Cofa Institute of Technology
  165. College of Fitness and Sports Kenya
  166. College of Human Resource Management
  167. College of Insurance
  168. College of Islamic Studies
  169. College of Sustainable Agriculture for Eastern Africa
  170. Combined Computers Training Centre
  171. Commonwealth College of Medical and Related Studies
  172. Computer Pride Training Centre
  173. Computer Pride Training Centre-mombasa
  174. Comtech College
  175. Consolata Cathedral Institute
  176. Consolata Hospital Wamba Nursing School
  177. Corat Africa Training Institute
  178. Cornerstone Training Institute
  179. Crop Nutrition Training Centre
  180. Crossroads Bible Institute
  181. Crownways Institute
  182. Cytonn College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  183. D. Kilimo Medical Training College
  184. Dairy Training Institute
  185. Data to Information College
  186. Datamedu Technical and Vocational Training Centre
  187. Daughters of Mary Help of Christians College
  188. David Mbithi Wambuli Technical and Vocational College
  189. Dedan Kimathi University Institute of Technical and Professional Studies
  190. Deeva College of Professional Studies
  191. Defence Forces Technical College (Deftec)
  192. Delhi College
  193. Dental Aptitude College
  194. Destiny Technical Training Institute
  195. Detra College
  196. Dexter International College
  197. Digitex Technical & Driving School
  198. Diligent Vocational Training College
  199. Dima College
  200. Diocese of Kakamega St Elizabeth School of Nursing
  201. Directorate of Criminal Investigations Academy
  202. Diverse Ict College
  203. Doan Education Institute
  204. Dominion Farms Training Centre
  205. Dominion Training Institute
  206. Don Bosco Boys Technical Training Centre
  207. Don Bosco Embu Technical Institute
  208. Don Bosco Technical Institute – Kakuma
  209. Dorcas International College
  210. Dr. Daniel Wako Murende Technical and Vocational College
  211. Durris Computer Institute
  212. Dykaan College – Githurai Campus
  213. Dykaan College – Juja
  214. Dykaan College – Nakuru Campus
  215. Dykaan College- Mwiki
  216. Eagle Air Aviation College
  217. Eagle Creek College
  218. Earthrise Institute of Technology
  219. East Africa College of Tourism and Hospitality Management
  220. East Africa Institute of Certified Studies – Kisumu
  221. East Africa Institute of Certified Studies – Mombasa
  222. East Africa Institute of Certified Studies – Nakuru
  223. East Africa Institute of Certified Studies – Stanbank House Campus
  224. East Africa Institute of Certified Studies -thika
  225. East Africa Institute of Professional Counseling
  226. East Africa School of Management
  227. East Africa Vision Institute
  228. East African College
  229. East African Institute of Homecare Management
  230. East African Institute of Welding
  231. East African School of Aviation
  232. East African Vision Institute
  233. Eastern Kenya Integrated College
  234. Eastern Kenya Integrated College – Mitaboni
  235. Eastlands College of Technology
  236. Ebukanga Technical and Vocational College
  237. Eclipse College
  238. Eden Training Institute and Therapy
  239. Edinburgh College
  240. Edulink International College
  241. Ekerubo Gietai Technical Training Institute
  242. Eldama Ravine Technical and Vocational College
  243. Eldo Star College
  244. Eldoret a.i.c Training College
  245. Eldoret Aviation Training Institute
  246. Eldoret College of Professional Studies
  247. Eldoret College of Professional Studies – Bomet
  248. Eldoret College of Professional Studies – Kitale
  249. Eldoret Institute of Business Studies
  250. Eldoret Technical Training Institute
  251. Eldoret Technical Training Institute – Bomet
  252. Eldoret Technical Training Institute – Mid Town Campus
  253. Eldoret Tourism and Professional College
  254. Eldostar College
  255. Elgon View College
  256. Elgon View College – Nyamira
  257. Elgon View College – Kapenguria
  258. Elgon View College – Kisii
  259. Elgon View Technical and Vocational College – Migori Campus
  260. Elohim Business and Technical College
  261. Elwak Technical and Vocational College
  262. Embu College of Professional Studies
  263. Embulbul Educational and Counseling Centre
  264. Emgwen Technical and Vocational College
  265. Emining Technical Training Institute
  266. Emmy College of Hair Dressing.
  267. Emobilis Mobile Technology Institute
  268. Emsos Technical and Vocational College
  269. Emurua Dikirr Technical Training Institute
  270. Endebess Technical Training Institute
  271. Eneza Training Institute
  272. Epic Aviation Centre
  273. Epic Aviation College
  274. Epren College of Professional Studies
  275. Equator Institute of Technology and Professional Studies
  276. Equip Africa College of Medical Health Sciences
  277. Equip Africa Institute
  278. Equip Africa Institute – Kisii
  279. Equip Africa Institute – Nakuru Campus
  280. Equip Africa Institute – Thika Center
  281. Equip Africa Institute -mombasa
  282. Esri Eastern Africa
  283. Evelyn College of Design
  284. Excel Global College
  285. Excel Institute of Professionals
  286. Excel Management Institute
  287. Excellent Institute of Professionals
  288. Exel School of Hair Design and Beauty Therapy
  289. Experts Business College
  290. Eye Rafiki Training Institute
  291. Fadya Beauty College
  292. Fafa Medical Training College
  293. Fafi Vocational Training Institute
  294. Fair Oak College
  295. Fawa Institute of Professional Studies
  296. Fayya Technical and Vocational College
  297. Fidenza School of Nursing
  298. Finetune School of Music
  299. Finstock Evarsity College
  300. Fire and Rescue Training Centre Kenya (Firetrack)
  301. Fleming Technical Institute
  302. Foresight College
  303. Fort Hall Business and Technical Institute
  304. Fort Hall College
  305. Forthall Learning Institute
  306. Foundation Institute of Professionals
  307. Fr. Francis Xavier Catholic Institute
  308. Fr. Soldati Tvc
  309. Frema Institute of Business Studies
  310. Friends College Kaimosi Institute of Technology
  311. Frontier Institute of Professional and Management Studies
  312. Frontier Institute of Professional and Management Studies – Garissa Campus
  313. Frontlearn Institute of Technology
  314. Gakeo College of Business Studies
  315. Gakuyo Technical College
  316. Ganana Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology
  317. Ganatra Plant and Equipment Institute
  318. Garissa Commercial College
  319. Garsen Technical and Vocational College
  320. Gatanga Technical Vocational College
  321. Gatundu Technical and Vocational College
  322. Genesis Institute of Professional Studies
  323. Germaine Training Institute
  324. German College of Maritime Studies
  325. German Kenya Training Institute
  326. Gertrude’s Institute of Child Health and Research
  327. Gesima Vocational Training Centre
  328. Githunguri Technical and Vocational College
  329. Gitwebe Technical Training Institute
  330. Gladpoint College of Business Studies
  331. Glam Salon and College of Hair and Beauty
  332. Glamourland School of Hair Design and Beauty Therapy
  333. Global Institute of Computers and Engineering Studies – Githunguri
  334. Glory College of Accountancy
  335. Gocare Training Institute
  336. Godoma Technical Training Institute
  337. Goshen Medical & Technical College
  338. Got Matar Institute of Technology
  339. Graffins College – Veteran House Moi Avenue Branch
  340. Grandlys School of Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy
  341. Gratia Technical Training Institute
  342. Great Rift Aviation College
  343. Greenwich College – Garissa
  344. Gretsa Institute of Technical and Professional Studies
  345. Gsu Training School
  346. Hair Masters College of Hairdressing and Beauty
  347. Hair Plaza College
  348. Hallmark Institute of Professionals
  349. Harvard Design Academy
  350. Havard Institute of Development Studies
  351. Helping Hand Skills Development Centre
  352. Helwa Beauty Andsaloontraining Institute
  353. Hemland College of Professional and Technical Studies – Kigio
  354. Hemland College of Professional and Technical Studies – Thika Arcade
  355. Heroes Technical and Vocational College
  356. Hero’s College
  357. Hi – Tech International College
  358. Highlands State College
  359. Highlands State College – Thika
  360. Highseas Training Institute of Business and Technology
  361. Holy Ghost Fathers Technical Institute
  362. Homabay College of Tourism and Hospitality
  363. Homeboyz Training Institute
  364. Hospitality and Tourism Institute
  365. Hospitality and Tourism Institute –tsavo West
  366. Human Needs Project
  367. Icons College of Professional Studies
  368. Ict College
  369. Ids College
  370. Ignite Your Destiny Training Institute
  371. Ijara Technical and Vocational College
  372. Ikutha Technical and Vocational College
  373. Imani Marianists – Chaminade Training Centre
  374. Imani Marianists Maria Training Center
  375. Imara Institute of Science and Technology
  376. Imbeke Vocational Training Center
  377. Impact Chefs & Hospitality Academy
  378. Imperial College of Medical and Health Sciences
  379. Inceptor Institute of Technology
  380. Indian Ocean Maritime Training Centre
  381. Institute for Disability Training
  382. Institute for Meteorological Training and Research (Imtr)
  383. Institute of Advanced Technology – Argwings Kodhek Campus
  384. Institute of Advanced Technology – Buru Buru
  385. Institute of Advanced Technology – Kasarani
  386. Institute of Advanced Technology – Mombasa
  387. Institute of Advanced Technology – Nakuru
  388. Institute of Advanced Technology – Pension
  389. Institute of Applied Technology
  390. Institute of Energy Studies and Research
  391. Institute of Neo Technology and Business Management
  392. Institute of Pension Management
  393. Institute of Sign Language
  394. Institute of Software Technologies
  395. Institute of Software Technologies
  396. Intel College
  397. Intellects College
  398. Intercontinental Aviation Institute and Related Studies
  399. International Cancer Institute
  400. International Centre of Technology
  401. International College of Peace Studies
  402. International Development Institute Africa
  403. International Hotel and Tourism Institute
  404. International School of Medicine and Applied Technology
  405. International Teaching and Training Centre
  406. Intra Soft Institute of Technonology
  407. Intraglobal Training Institute
  408. Isebania Technical Training College
  409. Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies
  410. Jamia Training Institute
  411. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital Training School
  412. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (Jooust)
  413. Jasmine School of Catering
  414. Javan Institute of Technology
  415. Jeremiah Nyaga Technical Training Institute
  416. Jewel Professional College
  417. Jfc Munene College of Health Sciences
  418. Joan School of Nursing
  419. Jodan College of Technology – Thika
  420. Jogima Business School
  421. Jordan Hospital Medical College
  422. Jubilee College
  423. Jubilee Harvest College
  424. Juja College of Accountancy
  425. Jusnet Business Institute
  426. Kaaga Technical & Vocational College for the Deaf
  427. Kaanan International College
  428. Kabarak University Tvet Institute
  429. Kaelo Technical Training College
  430. Kaguru Agricultural Training Centre
  431. Kaiboi Technical Training Institute
  432. Kajiado East Technical and Vocational College
  433. Kajiado West Technical and Vocational College
  434. Kakrao Technical and Vocational College
  435. Kaleo College
  436. Kaleo International Bible Institute
  437. Kamukunji Technical and Vocational College
  438. Kan College
  439. Kandara Technical and Vocational College
  440. Kapcherop Technical and Vocational College
  441. Kapenguria Institute of Business Studies and Technology
  442. Kaplamai Vocational Training Centre
  443. Kapsabet Bible College
  444. Karen Hospital Medical Training College
  445. Karen Technical Training Institute for the Deaf
  446. Karma Training Institute
  447. Karumo Technical Training Institute
  448. Kasarani Catering College
  449. Kasarani Catering College – Machakos
  450. Kasarani Technical and Vocational College
  451. Katine Technical Training Institute
  452. Katoloni Technical College
  453. Kca Technical College
  454. Kca Technical College – Amagoro
  455. Kca Technical College – Kisumu
  456. Kca Technical College Kitengela
  457. Kccb St. Lukes College of Health Sciences
  458. Keiway Mining and Technology College
  459. Keiyo Technical Training Institute – Iten
  460. Kena Institute of Technology and Hospitality
  461. Kenafric College of Professional Studies – Nairobi
  462. Kenafric College of Professional Studies -kisumu
  463. Kendege Technical and Vocational College
  464. Kendu Adventist School of Medical Sciences
  465. Kenema College of Professional Studies
  466. Kengen Geothermal Training Centre
  467. Kenol Institute of Technology
  468. Kenstar College of Accountancy
  469. Kentrac College
  470. Kenya Aeronautical College
  471. Kenya Associates of Professional Counselors
  472. Kenya Associates of Professonal Counsellors Training Centre
  473. Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute
  474. Kenya College of Commerce and Hospitality
  475. Kenya Film School
  476. Kenya Forestry College
  477. Kenya Industrial Training Institute – Nakuru
  478. Kenya Institute of Applied Sciences
  479. Kenya Institute of Business and Counseling Studies
  480. Kenya Institute of Business and Counselling Studies (Kibco) – Thika
  481. Kenya Institute of Development Studies
  482. Kenya Institute of Development Studies – Nairobi
  483. Kenya Institute of Development Studies – Naivasha
  484. Kenya Institute of Energy
  485. Kenya Institute of Financial and Applied Management – Kamukunji
  486. Kenya Institute of Financial and Applied Management – Lyric House
  487. Kenya Institute of Financial and Applied Management – Rongo
  488. Kenya Institute of Foreign Languages and Professional Studies
  489. Kenya Institute of Highway and Building Technology
  490. Kenya Institute of Manageemnt – Embu Campus
  491. Kenya Institute of Management – Eldoret
  492. Kenya Institute of Management – Eldoret
  493. Kenya Institute of Management – Kabarnet Branch
  494. Kenya Institute of Management – Kericho Branch
  495. Kenya Institute of Management – Kisii Branch
  496. Kenya Institute of Management – Kisumu
  497. Kenya Institute of Management – Kitengela
  498. Kenya Institute of Management – Machakos
  499. Kenya Institute of Management – Meru Campus
  500. Kenya Institute of Management – Mombasa
  501. Kenya Institute of Management – Nairobi Branch
  502. Kenya Institute of Management – Nakuru Campus
  503. Kenya Institute of Management – Nanyuki Branch
  504. Kenya Institute of Management – Narok Branch
  505. Kenya Institute of Management – Nyahururu
  506. Kenya Institute of Management – Nyeri
  507. Kenya Institute of Management – Utawala Campus
  508. Kenya Institute of Management Thika Branch
  509. Kenya Institute of Mass Communication
  510. Kenya Institute of Organic Farming
  511. Kenya Institute of Professional Counseling – Kisumu
  512. Kenya Institute of Professional Counseling – Nairobi
  513. Kenya Institute of Professional Studies
  514. Kenya Institute of Professional Studies – Eldoret
  515. Kenya Institute of Professional Studies – Embu
  516. Kenya Institute of Professional Studies ( Kips) – Kpcu
  517. Kenya Institute of Security and Criminal Justice
  518. Kenya Institute of Security and Criminal Justice – Nakuru
  519. Kenya Institute of Social Sciences
  520. Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development
  521. Kenya Institute of Surveying and Mapping
  522. Kenya Israel Technical College (Kitui)
  523. Kenya Israel Technical College Engineering and Driving School
  524. Kenya Methodist University Tvet Institute
  525. Kenya Occupation Safety and Health Institute (Koshi)
  526. Kenya Online College
  527. Kenya Police College
  528. Kenya Red Cross Training Institute
  529. Kenya School for Integrated Medicine
  530. Kenya School of Agriculture – Nyeri
  531. Kenya School of Agriculture – Songa Mbele
  532. Kenya School of Government – Baringo Campus
  533. Kenya School of Medical Science and Technology
  534. Kenya School of Medical Science Andtechnology – Thika Town
  535. Kenya School of Monetary Studies
  536. Kenya School of Revenue Administration – Mombasa
  537. Kenya School of Revenue Administration – Nairobi
  538. Kenya School of Security Management
  539. Kenya Water Institute
  540. Kenya Ymca College of Agriculture and Technology
  541. Kenyaisrael Technical College – Wamunyu Branch
  542. Kenyan College
  543. Kenyaplex Institute of Technology
  544. Kenyatta National Hospital School of Nursing
  545. Kenyatta University Tvet Center
  546. Kericho Beauty School
  547. Kericho Township Technical and Vocational College
  548. Kerio Valley Technical and Vocational College
  549. Keroka College of Accountancy
  550. Keroka Technical Training Institute
  551. Key Center of Exellence Institute
  552. Kiambu County Institute of Management
  553. Kiambu Institute of Business Studies
  554. Kiambu Institute of Computer Engineering
  555. Kiambu Institute of Hotels and Catering
  556. Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology
  557. Kib School of Banking and Finance
  558. Kibabii University Directorate of Tvet
  559. Kibondeni College
  560. Kibwezi Institute of Professional Studies
  561. Kibwezi West Technical and Vocational College
  562. Kieni Technical and Vocational College
  563. Kiharu Technical College Murang’a
  564. Kiini Industrial Technical and Vocational Institute
  565. Kiirua Technical Training Institute
  566. Kijabe College of Health Science
  567. Kilifi College of Accountancy
  568. Kilifi Saidia College
  569. Kilimambogo Highways Building Technology Institute
  570. Kimasian Technical Training Institute
  571. Kiminini Technical and Vocational College
  572. Kimtech Training College of Science and Technology
  573. Kinango Technical and Vocational College
  574. Kinangop Tvc
  575. Kingdom Seekers College
  576. Kings Bible College
  577. Kings College
  578. Kings College of Accountancy
  579. Kings Medical College
  580. Kipepeo Technical College
  581. Kipini Vocational Training Centre
  582. Kipipiri Technical and Vocational College
  583. Kipkabus Technical Training Institute
  584. Kipkelion Technical Training Institute
  585. KIPS College Eco Chambers Campus
  586. KIPS Technical College – Philadelphia
  587. KIPS Technical College -zimmermann
  588. Kipsinende Technical Training Institute
  589. Kipsoen Technical and Vocational College
  590. Kiptaragon Technical and Vocational College
  591. Kirinyaga Business and Technical Institute
  592. Kirinyaga Institute of Business Studies
  593. Kirinyaga Institute of Professional Studies
  594. Kisaruni Technical College
  595. Kiserian College of Accountancy
  596. Kisii Agricultural Training Center
  597. Kisii University Tvet Institute
  598. Kisiwa Technical Training Institute
  599. Kisumu Community College of Science and Technology
  600. Kisumu Institute of Community Development Training
  601. Kisumu Institute of Professionals
  602. Kisumu Maritime Centre
  603. Kitale Centre of Business Studies
  604. Kite Institute of Professional Studies
  605. Kitelakapel Technical Training Institute
  606. Kitengela Institute of Management Studies
  607. Kitui Institute of Professionals – Mulango Branch
  608. Kitui Teachers Technical College
  609. Kitutu Masaba Technical and Vocational College
  610. Kivuli College
  611. Kobujoi Institute 0f Development Studies
  612. Koiyaki Guiding School
  613. Komarock College of Business Studies
  614. Kongoni Technical and Vocational College
  615. Konoin Technical Training Institute
  616. Koshin Technical Training Institute
  617. Kreston College – Town Campus
  618. Krones Lcs Center East Africa Limited
  619. Kwale Institute of Security and Criminal Studies
  620. Kwenet Vocational Training Center
  621. Kws Training Institute
  622. Lagdera Technical and Vocational College
  623. Laikipia East Technical and Vocational College
  624. Laikipia North Technical and Vocational College
  625. Laikipia University Tvet Institute
  626. Laisamis Tti
  627. Lake Institute of Tropical Medicine
  628. Lake Lawrenzo Medical Training College
  629. Lake Naivasha Institute
  630. Lari Technical and Vocational College
  631. Latia Agripreneurship Institute
  632. Lazuli College
  633. Leadership and Management College (Lmc
  634. Learnovate Vocational Training Institute
  635. Libu Training Institute
  636. Likoni Technical and Vocational College
  637. Limos Development College
  638. Limos Development College – Bomet Town
  639. Limos Development College – Tegat
  640. Limuru Technical and Vocational College
  641. Lintons College of Beauty
  642. Lio College
  643. Lions Institute of Technologies
  644. Little Flower Institute Archdiocese of Nyeri
  645. Liverpool Vct Care and Treatment Training Institute
  646. Lodams College
  647. Lodwar Technical and Vocational College
  648. Lorna Kiplagat Sports Academy
  649. Lotus Technical and Business College
  650. Lukenya Training Institute
  651. Lukenya Training Institute- Emali Campus
  652. Lungalunga Technical and Vocational College
  653. Lusaka Institute of Science and Technology
  654. Maa Institute of Professional Studies
  655. Maarifa College
  656. Maasai Mara Technical and Vocational College
  657. Mabati Technical Training Institute
  658. Mabera Technical and Vocational College
  659. Machakos Agricultural Training Centre
  660. Machakos Baptist Presbyterian Technical Institute
  661. Machakos Hospitality and Technical Institute
  662. Machakos Institute of Technology
  663. Machakos Medical and Technical Training College
  664. Machakos Technical Institute for the Blind
  665. Machakos University Tvet Institute
  666. Madonna Technical and Vocational College
  667. Magnatech Computer Institute
  668. Mahanaim Educational Institute
  669. Makindu Institute of Professional Studies – Mips
  670. Makindu Institute of Technology
  671. Makini College
  672. Makueni Agriculture Training Centre
  673. Makutano Technical Training College
  674. Malindi Institute of Business Studies
  675. Mandera Technical Training Institute
  676. Manna College
  677. Manor House of Agriculture Centre
  678. Manyatta Technical and Vocational College
  679. Map College of Professional Studies
  680. Mara Institute of Business Studies
  681. Marere Technical and Vocational College
  682. Marianist Technical Institute
  683. Marianist Technical Institute – Mombasa
  684. Marist International University College
  685. Mariva Technical and Computer College
  686. Marshill Technical and Vocational Centre
  687. Mary Immaculate Institute
  688. Masai Technical Training Institute
  689. Maseno School of Nursing
  690. Masii Institute of Technology
  691. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology
  692. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology Tvet Institute
  693. Masinga Technical and Vocational College
  694. Mater Dei Nakuru Hospital College
  695. Mathenge Technical Training Institute
  696. Mathioya Technical and Vocational College
  697. Mathira Technical and Vocational College
  698. Matibabu Foundation College of Health Sciences
  699. Matili Technical Training Institute
  700. Maua Methodist Medical College
  701. Mawego Technical Training Institute
  702. Mbaya Karichu Institute
  703. Mcensal School of Fashion Design
  704. Meat Training Institute
  705. Mebban International Institute
  706. Meda Business College
  707. Mefa Institute of Design
  708. Megascope Medical Training and Capacity Building Centre
  709. Memon College
  710. Merti Technical & Vocational College
  711. Meru College of Technology
  712. Meru Institute of Businesss Studies
  713. Meru Ymca Training Institute
  714. Michuki Technical Training Institute
  715. Migori Institute of Beauty and Professional Studies
  716. Migori Institute of Sciences and Technology
  717. Migori Maranatha Training College
  718. Milele Africa Institute of Development and Technology
  719. Milele College Nakuru
  720. Milescollege
  721. Milestone Institute of Professional Studies
  722. Mind Bridge Institute
  723. Miramar International College
  724. Mishkan School of Fine Arts
  725. Mitunguu Technical Training Institute
  726. Mmct – St. Mary’s Nursing School
  727. Mochongoi Technical and Vocational College
  728. Mohi Technical Training Institute
  729. Moiben Technical and Vocational Training College
  730. Molo Technical and Vocational College
  731. Mombasa Airways Training Institute
  732. Mombasa Aviation Training Institute
  733. Mombasa Aviation Training Institute – Mombasa
  734. Mombasa College of Tourism and Business Management
  735. Mombasa Learning College
  736. Mombasa Majlis Henna Beauty and College
  737. Monarch Institute of Technology
  738. Morendat Institute of Oil & Gas – Eldoret Fire and Safety Training Centre
  739. Morendat Institute of Oil and Gas – Nairobi
  740. Morendat Institute of Oil and Gas – Naivasha
  741. Moringa School
  742. Mosoriot Institute of Technology
  743. Mosoriot Technical and Vocational Training Institute
  744. Mospen Institute of Development Studies
  745. Msambweni Technical and Vocational College
  746. Mukiria Technical Training Institute
  747. Mukurwe – Ini Technical Training Institute
  748. Mukurweini Technical Training Institute
  749. Mulango Technical and Vocational College
  750. Mully College
  751. Mulo College of Professional Studies
  752. Mumbuni Engineering and Driving School
  753. Mumias West Technical Training Institute C/o Sigalagala Np
  754. Mungatsi Technical and Vocational College
  755. Munyu Institute of Technology
  756. Muraga Technical Training Institute
  757. Murang’a Technical Training Institute
  758. Murang’a Institute of Science and Management Studies
  759. Murang’a University of Technology- Tvet Institute
  760. Musakasa Technical Training Institute
  761. Music Technology Academy
  762. Musk College of Business and Technology
  763. Mutisya Technical Training Institute
  764. Mwala Technical and Vocational College
  765. Mwangaza College – Nakuru
  766. Mwatate Technical and Vocational College
  767. Mwea Technical and Vocational College
  768. Mweawango Institute of Technology
  769. Mwembeni Technical Training Institute
  770. Nabongo Tvc
  771. Nachu Technical and Vocational College
  772. Nairobi Aviation – Nakuru
  773. Nairobi Aviation College – Bank House Moi Avenue Branch Nairobi
  774. Nairobi Aviation College – Eldoret Campus
  775. Nairobi Aviation College – Kisumu
  776. Nairobi Aviation College –dayason Campus
  777. Nairobi College of Bread
  778. Nairobi College of Bread and Confectionery Technology
  779. Nairobi College of Bread and Confectionery Technology – Mombasa
  780. Nairobi County Institute of Management and Logistics
  781. Nairobi Industrial Intitute
  782. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies
  783. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies – Rongai
  784. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies(Nibs) – Thika Campus
  785. Nairobi Institute of E – Commerce
  786. Nairobi Institute of Music and Performing Arts
  787. Nairobi Institute of Technology
  788. Nairobi Pentecostal Bible College
  789. Nairobi Platinum College
  790. Nairobi Technical Training Institute
  791. Nairobi Wilson Training College
  792. Nairobi Women’s Hospital College
  793. Naivasha Technical and Vocational College
  794. Nakuru Achievers College of Accountancy and Information Technology
  795. Nakuru Agricultural Training Centre
  796. Nakuru Barista and Hospitality Management Training Institute
  797. Nakuru College of Commerce & Hospitality
  798. Nakuru College of Health Sciences and Management
  799. Nakuru Training College
  800. Nanyuki Institute of Professional
  801. Narok South Technical and Vocational College
  802. Narok West Technical Training Institute
  803. Nars Training Institute
  804. National Aquaculture Research Development and Training Centre
  805. National Integrity Academy
  806. National Museums of Kenya Heritage Training Institute
  807. National Youth Service Institute of Business Studies
  808. National Youth Service Institute of Social Studies – Naivasha
  809. Navakholo Technical and Vocational College
  810. Nazareth Medical College
  811. Ndaragwa Technical and Vocational College
  812. Neet Training College
  813. Nehema Institute of Science and Technology
  814. Nep College of Health Sciences
  815. Networth Achievers International College
  816. New Dawn College
  817. New Image Beautycollege
  818. Newline Institute of Professionals
  819. Ngong Technical and Vocational College
  820. Niit C & G Training
  821. Nishkam Saint Puran Singh Institute
  822. Nkabune Technical Training Institute
  823. North Coast Institute of Professional Studies
  824. North Coast Medical Training College
  825. North Horr Technical Training Institute
  826. North Pole College
  827. North Pole Education Centre – Karen
  828. North Rift Institute of Management Studies
  829. Northwood College of Business and Computing
  830. Novel Institute of Technology
  831. Novel Multimedia Academy
  832. Nuria College
  833. Nuru Regional Training College
  834. Nuu Technical and Vocational College
  835. Nyahururu Medical Training Institute
  836. Nyakach Technical and Vocational College
  837. Nyambene School of Professional Studies
  838. Nyamira Engineering and Commercial Training College
  839. Nyamira Institute of Science and Technology
  840. Nyanchwa Technical Training Institute
  841. Nyeri Institute of Business and Social Studies
  842. Nys Advanced Building School
  843. Nys Engineering Institute
  844. Nys School of Catering – Gilgil
  845. Nys School of Fashion Design – Naivasha
  846. Nys Technical College Mombasa
  847. Nys Technical Training Institute
  848. Nys Textile and Garment Making Technical Institute
  849. Nys Yatta School of Agriculture
  850. Nzoia College of Nursing
  851. Okame Technical and Vocational College
  852. Ol’lessos Technical Training Institute
  853. Omuga Technical and Vocational College
  854. Orogare Vocational and Technical College
  855. Ortum Mission Hospital-school of Nursing
  856. Oshwal College
  857. Osons Business Systems Institute
  858. Our Lady of Lourdes Mutomo School of Health
  859. Our Lady of Mercy College – Chepareria
  860. Outspan Medical College
  861. P. C. Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute
  862. P.c.e.a Molo College of Professional Studies
  863. Pace International Training Institute
  864. Pada Institute of Security Studies
  865. Palazzolo Technical and Vocational Training Institute
  866. Pambo School of Hair Dressing and Beauty
  867. Panafrican Mission College
  868. Pan-african Shield College Africa
  869. Panorama College of Business Studies
  870. Participatory Development Centre
  871. Path Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship
  872. Pazuri Africa Training Center
  873. PCEA Chogoria Hospital Clive Irvine College of Nursing
  874. PCEA Kikuyu Hospital School of Nursing
  875. PCEA Nakuru West Medical College
  876. PCEA Tumutumu Hospital Training College
  877. Perfect Institute of Technology and Professional Studies
  878. Perfect Ten Hair and Beauty College
  879. Petanns Institute of Business Studies – Kiambu Town
  880. Petanns Institute of Business Studies – Limuru
  881. Phillips Business Training Institute
  882. Pinnacle Business School
  883. Pinnacle Institute for Sign Language and Disability Access
  884. Pixels Institute of Technology
  885. Plasma Digital College
  886. Plateaux Technical College
  887. Platinum School of Business Management
  888. Prasol College of Professional Studies
  889. Premese Africa College
  890. Premier College of Social Work and Community Development
  891. Premier Professional Institute
  892. Premier Professional Institute – Limuru
  893. Premier Professional Institute – Ruaka
  894. Presbyterian Technical College Rubate
  895. Prudent College of Media
  896. Prudential International School of Professional Studies
  897. Pumwani Maternity College of Nursing and Midwifery
  898. Pwani College of Technical Training
  899. Pwani Training Institute
  900. Pwani University- Directorate of Tvet
  901. Queens and Kings Hair and Beauty College
  902. Rachuonyo Technical and Vocational College
  903. Raf Technical College
  904. Rahma Hair College and Liminous Beauty Salon
  905. Railway Training Institute
  906. Railway Training Institute – Kisumu
  907. Ram Training College
  908. Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology
  909. Rangwe Technical and Vocational College
  910. Rangwe Technical Training Institute
  911. Rashban College
  912. Rasuco Institute of Technology and Business Studies
  913. Ravine Bible College and Theological Seminary
  914. Raynata Institute of Hotels and Catering
  915. Red Baron Aviation Training Institute
  916. Red Elegance Beauty Salon and College
  917. Red Hill College of Management
  918. Redeemed Institute of Advanced Studies Limited
  919. Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development
  920. Regional College of Counseling and Social Sciences
  921. Regional Curriculum Management College
  922. Regional Institute of Business Management
  923. Regional Institute of Business Management – Nairobi
  924. Regions International College
  925. Rehana Bridal Parlour Training Institute
  926. Rehoboth Institute of Professional Studies
  927. Rene Descartes Training Institute
  928. Reward College of Technology
  929. Rhythms College
  930. Riamo Technical & Vocational College
  931. Riatirimba Technical and Vocational College
  932. Riccatti Business College of Ea – Agriculture House Campus
  933. Riccatti Business College of Ea – Kitengela Campus
  934. Riccatti Business College, Wote Campus
  935. Richstar College
  936. Rifkins Education College
  937. Rift Valley Institute of Business Studies
  938. Rift Valley Institute of Business Studies –
  939. Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology – Main Campus
  940. Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology – Nakuru Town
  941. Rift Valley Technical Training Institute
  942. Riragia Technical and Vocational College
  943. Riruta Business College
  944. Rizfar Hair Dressingandbeauty College
  945. Rockland College of Science and Technology
  946. Rosana Training Institute
  947. Royal Business School
  948. Royal County College of Technology
  949. Ruiru College of Catering and Management Studies
  950. Ruiru Gikonyo Memorial Institute for Technical Skills
  951. Ruiru Gikonyo Memorial Institute for Technical Skills – Nairobi
  952. Ruiru Institute of Business Studies
  953. Runyenjes Technical and Vocational College
  954. Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute
  955. Rural Craft Training Centre – Nys Turbo
  956. Rware College of Accounts
  957. Sabatia Technical and Vocational College
  958. Sacred Heart Institute of Education and Professional Studies
  959. Sagana Technical Training Institute
  960. Saint John’s Training College
  961. Samburu Technical and Vocational College
  962. Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology
  963. Saraya Beauty Heena Salon and College
  964. Savelberg Technical Training College
  965. Saviec School of Professional Studies
  966. Scala Institute of Computing and Digital Literacy
  967. Sclp Samaj Australian College
  968. Seme Technical and Vocational College
  969. Sensei Institute of Technology
  970. Serein Education Centre
  971. Severin Craftsman Training Centre
  972. Shamberere Technical Training Institute
  973. Shang Tao Media College
  974. Shanzu Teachers Technical Training College
  975. Shears and Nippers School of Hair and Beauty
  976. Shiloh Professional College
  977. Shiners College of Accountancy
  978. Shipping and Transport College of East Africa
  979. Siala Technical Training Institute
  980. Siaya Institute of Technology
  981. Sigowet Technical Training Institute
  982. Sikri Technical and Vocational College for the Blind and Deaf
  983. Simon Page College of Marketing
  984. Sipet College of Professional Studies
  985. Sirisia Technical and Vocational College
  986. Siruti Technical and Vocational College Awendo
  987. Sister Leonella Consolata Medical College
  988. Sisters of Mercy Commercial College
  989. Sixty-four College of Professional Studies
  990. Skillslink Technical College
  991. Skynet Business College
  992. Skynet Business College – Limuru
  993. Skypath Aviation College
  994. Skyways Aviation Training Institute
  995. Smiour Lady of Lourdes Medical Training College
  996. Snip Snip School of Cosmetology and Catering
  997. Sonshine Vocational Training Centre
  998. Sos Technical Training Institute
  999. Sot Technical Training Institute
  1000. Sotik Institute of Business and Technology
  1001. Sotik Technical Training Institute
  1002. South Eastern Kenya University Directorate of Tvet
  1003. South Rift Technical Training Institute
  1004. Spackle College of Hair Design and Beauty
  1005. Span Institute of Technology
  1006. Sphereshine College
  1007. Spinmark College of Science and Social Studies
  1008. Spring of Hope Riverside College
  1009. St Andrew East Africa School of Management
  1010. St Anne’s College – Keroka
  1011. St Anthony Institute of Technology
  1012. St Joseph Mission Hospital School of Nursing
  1013. St Joseph’s Nyabondo Medical Training College
  1014. St Jude’s Technical College
  1015. St Martin De Porres Technical Institute Kiserian
  1016. St Teresa College
  1017. St Teresa’s Business and Technology Training Institute
  1018. St. Andrew’s College of Theology and Develoment
  1019. St. Ann College
  1020. St. Ann’s College – Nyamira
  1021. St. Brendan Technical Training Institute
  1022. St. Camillus College of Nursing
  1023. St. Clare of Assisi Training Institute
  1024. St. Clare’s Kaplong School of Nursing
  1025. St. Clemence Institute
  1026. St. Columba’s Technical Training College
  1027. St. Francis Technical Training Institute – Asumbi
  1028. St. Francis Training Centre – Kasarani
  1029. St. John Paul Ii Institute
  1030. St. John Paul Ii Training Institute
  1031. St. John Paul School of Engineering
  1032. St. John’s Community Centre
  1033. St. Joseph Kaloki Memorial Mechanical and Driving School
  1034. St. Joseph Mukasa College
  1035. St. Joseph’s Technical Institute for the Deaf Nyang’oma
  1036. St. Kizito
  1037. St. Mary’s Secreterial College
  1038. St. Nicholas Centre for Professional Development
  1039. St. Timothy Anglican Divinity College
  1040. Stac Institute
  1041. Star College of Management Studies
  1042. Star Institute of Professionals
  1043. Starlite Beauty and Hair Dressing
  1044. Starnet College
  1045. Stedmak Hospitality Training College
  1046. Sterling Quality Management College
  1047. Steward Technical College
  1048. Stockwell School of Finance
  1049. Strathmore Institute of Management and Technology
  1050. Strive and Excel College
  1051. Success Systems College of Business Studies
  1052. Summit Institute of Professionals
  1053. Sunrise Community College
  1054. Superior College of Accountancy
  1055. Support for Addictions, Prevention& Treatment in Africa (Sapta) College
  1056. Sustainable Rural Initiatives
  1057. Tala School of Management
  1058. Talanta Institute
  1059. Tana River Technical and Vocational College
  1060. Taveta Technical and Vocational College
  1061. Technical Institute
  1062. Tecq Skills Professional Institute
  1063. Temple College
  1064. Tenwek Hospital College
  1065. Teska Technical Training Institute
  1066. Tetu Technical and Management Institute
  1067. Tetu Technical and Vocational College
  1068. Tharaka Technical Training Institute
  1069. Tharaka University Tvet Directorate
  1070. The Chinese Full Time School
  1071. The Cicely Mcdonell College of Health Sciences
  1072. The Cuk Institute of Technical and Vocational Education and Training
  1073. The Cuk Nairobi Cbd Training Institute
  1074. The East Africa Training Institute
  1075. The Esmart Technical College
  1076. The Fonelab College
  1077. The Golden Gate College
  1078. The International Safety Training Centre
  1079. The Kenya Institute of Information and Technology
  1080. The Nairobi Law Institute
  1081. The New Dimension College Moi Avenue
  1082. The Serenity College – Gilgil
  1083. Thika College of Exellence
  1084. Thika Institute of Business Studies – Highway Campus
  1085. Thika Institute of Business Studies – Town Campus
  1086. Thika Institute of Business Studies-annex
  1087. Thika Institute of Computers
  1088. Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences
  1089. Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences – Kisumu Campus
  1090. Thika Technical Training Institute
  1091. Tigania East Technical and Vocational College
  1092. Tindiret Technical and Vocational College
  1093. Tom Mboya Labor College
  1094. Tonic Institute
  1095. Topmax Training College
  1096. Total Technical and Vocational College
  1097. Tracom College
  1098. Traction School of Governance and Business
  1099. Trans – Africa Technical College
  1100. Trans – Ian Computer Secretarial College
  1101. Transafric Accountancy and Management College
  1102. Tricent College of Medical Science and Technology – Kisumu
  1103. Tricent School of Medical and Health Sciences – Juja
  1104. Tricent School of Medical Health Sciences and Technology – Nairobi
  1105. Trident School of Technical and Professional Studies
  1106. Trident School of Technical and Professional Studies – Thika Campus
  1107. Tropical College of Management
  1108. Tropical Institute of Community Health and Development (Tich) in Africa
  1109. Tsavo Institute of Technology
  1110. Tseikuru Technical Training Institute Mwingi
  1111. Tum Tvet Institute
  1112. Tumaini Institute of Management Studies
  1113. Turbo Technical and Vocational College
  1114. Turkana College of Technical and Business Studies
  1115. Turkana East Technical and Vocational College
  1116. Turkana North Technical and Vocational Training College
  1117. Turkana University College Tvet Institute
  1118. Twiga Vocational Training Centre
  1119. Uasin Gishu Technical Training Institute
  1120. Ugenya Technical and Vocational College
  1121. Ugunja Technical and Vocational College
  1122. Ujuzi Yetu Technical and Vocational Institute
  1123. Ukunda Commercial College
  1124. Umma Institute of Professional Studies
  1125. Ummu Training and Empowerment Institute
  1126. Unison School of Hairdressing and Beauty
  1127. United Africa College
  1128. United Africa College – Laare Branch
  1129. United Institute of Business
  1130. Unity College of Proffessional Studies
  1131. University of Eldoret Tvet Institute
  1132. Utawala Mihang’o Training Center
  1133. Uweso College
  1134. Uwezo Training College
  1135. Uzima Technical Training Institute
  1136. Uzuri Institute
  1137. Uzuri Institute Machakos
  1138. Val Di Sole Technical College
  1139. Valentine School of Cake
  1140. Valley College
  1141. Vast College of Accounting and Finance
  1142. Vera Beauty and Fashion College – Eldoret Branch
  1143. Vera Beauty College – Nairobi
  1144. Vera Technical Training College
  1145. Vicodec Technical Training Institute
  1146. Victory College of Accountancy
  1147. Vihiga College of Business and Technical Training
  1148. Vihomi Institute of Laboratory Sciences
  1149. Virtus Institute
  1150. Vision Achievers Training Institute
  1151. Vision Empowerment Training Institute – Kitengela
  1152. Vision Empowerment Training Institute-mombasa Campus
  1153. Vision Institute of Leadership and Management Studies
  1154. Vision Institute of Professional Studies-paramount Building Branch
  1155. Vision Institute of Professionals – Mombasa
  1156. Vision Institute of Professionals – Nairobi
  1157. Vision Plus Education Centre
  1158. Vision Stars Training Institute
  1159. Vision Technical Training Institute
  1160. Vitec Training Institution
  1161. Vitech Training Institute
  1162. Vitech Training Institute – Siaya
  1163. Vlan College of Business and Technology
  1164. Voice International College
  1165. Wajir South Technical and Vocational College
  1166. Waka Continuing Medical Education Centre
  1167. Walton College
  1168. Wamo Institute of Professional Studies
  1169. Wanga Technical and Vocational College
  1170. Wanjau Technical Institute
  1171. Waruhiu Agricultural Training Center
  1172. We College
  1173. We College – Oleleshwa Campus
  1174. Webb Institute
  1175. Webuye West Technical and Vocational College
  1176. Weithaga Bible and Technical Training College
  1177. Wema Institute of Counseling and Training
  1178. Weru Technical and Vocational College
  1179. Wesleyan United Methodist Training College
  1180. West End Institute of Science and Technology
  1181. Western College of Computer and Technology Campus
  1182. Western Institute of Professional
  1183. Westford International Training Centre – Tala
  1184. Westford International Training College – Nairobi
  1185. Wings Beauty and Hairdressing College
  1186. Wisetech Training Institute
  1187. Wondrous College of Professional Studies
  1188. Word of Faith Community College
  1189. Wote Technical Training Institute
  1190. Wumingu Technical and Vocational College
  1191. X – Elle Beauty Parlour/hairdressing School
  1192. Yatta College
  1193. Zabibu Disability Technical and Vocational Training Institute
  1194. Zabibu Technical and Vocational Training Institute
  1195. Zenith Institute
  1196. Zetech College – Pioneer House
  1197. Zetech College – Stanbank Campus
  1198. Zetech College Agriculture House
  1199. Ziwa Technical Training Institute
  1200. Zonal Training Institute
  1201. Zyara School of Hospitality

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